Color Change Wraps & Commercial wraps

Racing Stripes & OEM Graphics

We can do custom stripes, decals, and reproduce all OEM manufacturer graphics - usually at a better quality than buying from dealer. Chrome deletes, interior trim wraps, accent wraps, hood wraps, trunk wraps, roof wraps and more.

Box Trailer Wraps

We wrap thousands of box trucks and trailers, Not only are these huge billboards for your business but also a great way to carry out your company branding.  This trailer pictured doubled the traffic to business because the giant hippo is so iconic in hutto, tx while keeping the branding of the company consistent. 

Color Change Vehicle Wraps

Any color wrap, any finish, we go all the way to the door jambs if needed, because attention to detail is what sets us apart. When you bring your vehicle to get wrapped at Autormory, you are getting the best wrap money can buy.

Custom wraps

Partial wraps and custom graphics. This new, dealer Yukon came for a 2 Tone wrap. Nothing is too complex, too little, or too big for us at Autoarmory!

Frequently asked questions

Why is Autoarmory the best choice for your vehicle wrap?

We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. We only want the highest quality installs, and the best design for your vehicle wrap... but most of all we want your brand or business to be successful. We are not your cheapest vehicle wrap option, but we are the best option when it comes to quality vehicle wraps, wrap design, and overall vehicle wrap experience in Pflugerville, TX , Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

What else can Autoarmory Wrap?

We literally can wrap just about anything, wall wraps and murals, airplanes, golf carts, boats, floors, cars, jetski wraps, windows, cieling wraps, furniture and architectural wraps. We have the best team ensuring we continue to be one of the most experienced wrap shops in the area. We have no limits for vinyl wrapping and vinyl wrap design here in Pflugerville, TX at Autoarmory.

Will a Vehicle wrap damage my paint?

No , Autoarmory only uses premium cast wrap films , The best printing equipment in the industry and the best wrap installers in the industry. A lot of shops don't have the necessary experience for disassembling vehicles to ensure your vehicle isn't damaged in the wrapping process. Since Autormory only uses experienced installers, we dont use adhesive promotor on our wraps like most inexperienced wrap shops. If your concerned about your vehicle, be mindful of the service your paying for- unfortunately, like any industry, the wrap industry is full of amateur installers, pop up shops, dads garage installers. To get a clean and professional install, you need to have automotive mechanical background, and tools, for neccesary for proper disassembly. We have all the experience, and then some - When you're ready to take our wraps off, you can be assured that we have not damaged your vehicle, because quality premium wrap film from Arlon, Avery, and 3M is all that we use here at Autoarmory.

How long does the vehicle wrap process take?

It all depends on the detail of the job, sometimes for small graphics it can be wrapped up in a day. Generally for commercial and custom designed wraps, the entire process can take 1-2 weeks from initial contact, to design process, to wrap completion. When you first contact us about a wrap, we want to know what the wrap will be used for, who you are, what your brand atmosphere is etc. before we even get measurements and start design. Here at Autoarmory we care about you and your business's success, which is why we do research and make sure that we start designing something to help business grow and meet your needs. Once the design is agreed upon, we require a deposit to schedule your vehicle for drop off and will provide an estimated date for pickup. We do more than just wrap, we help your brand, or business, succeed, with a well thought out wrap design, and execution.

AUTOARMORY in Pflugerville, TX produces some of the best custom vehicle wraps and commercial wraps in the world!  We are passionate and have years of experience in the vehicle wraps and graphics industry.  If you're a business looking to stand out in Austin, TX, Pflugerville,Tx, Round Rock, Tx, Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas, then let us create a design for your commercial vehicle that is sure to make a huge impact for your  business!


Autoarmory in Pflugerville,TX, is one of the very few vehicle wrap shops that can do it all in house.  Nobody comes close to our in house design work, proven with Award winning wrap designs year after year, We Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Wraps.

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